The best tattoos in MMA

There is certainly no shortage of inked up athletes among the martial arts and MMA. I thought I would round up a selection of what I think are some of the best tattoos making their way around the ring/cage today.

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  1. Vishon says:

    Aleks E has the best tattoo by far. That is the kind of tattoo only a Russian gangster can rock.

    There are a lot of great tattoos in MMA though. Surprising amount of fighters getting inked up. Even Randy Couture now has some tattoos. Who saw that coming?

  2. TheSeks says:

    Some great MMA tattoos there.

    You should do a larger collection too. There are some other good ones that you missed here. Genki Sudo for example has a sweet back tattoo.

    Would also be interesting to see the worst tattoos in MMA too.

    Belcher and Lesnar would be up there lol.

  3. cymnmashy says:

    Chris Leben’s back tattoo is amazing. He has a lot more done to it now also. I also have to give props to Alexander Emelianenko for having the best tattoo in MMA. Shame he retired and won’t see him fight again.

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